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For many years your mobile Sales Force have been out of the information-loop, forced to reply on outdated paper reports or costly and disruptive phone calls back to base. Now this can change with Lady Lodge System's Rep's-Web; a focussed, web based information source for your reps.

What does it do?

Built on top of the successful LLS Web based Online-Ordering system, the LLS Rep's-Web provides your mobile Sales Force with the information they need at their fingertips. Given access to a web browser, your reps will always be able to see the important information about their accounts when and where they need it without disturbing your staff back in the office.

How does it work?

On your TRACT system, you select which of your reps should be allowed access and to which of their customers (you can also allow specific users, such as your sales manager, access to all of the online-customer information no matter which rep they're allocated to).

Based on these selections, your sytem automatically sends all of the necessary data for each customer to LLS's secure webservers each night via an encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) over your broadband link. From that point your reps can access the information without restriction or limit from any web-browser on any device from anywhere in the world!

For more information or access to our demonstration site please contact us.

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